Training and Facilities

Training sessions are at the International School of Brussels (I.S.B.) in Watermael-Boitsfort.

Mondays and Wednesdays from 17/07/2017

Location Kattenberg 19, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
Time 20:30 - 22:00   (see home page or Training News [right] for updates)
Campus map

Road map

Click here (1 MB) Note: orientation is SOUTH - NORTH

see below Note: orientation is NORTH - SOUTH

Changing Rooms From the M├ętairie entrance walk straight ahead with the Student Activities Building ('8') on your right, then turn right.
Entrance is RED arrow to the right of '8b' on the campus map.
Fields Both are SYNTHETIC, with the top one having a running track.
Field 12 (Monday & Wednesday) & Field 11 (some Wednesdays ONLY) on the campus map
Car Parking

Work has now started on the new Gym (between the two fields) and a new main gate which means access for cars and pedestrians via the main drive is prohibited.

  • You must now park off-campus and it is recommended you go just past the main entrance, keep right, then turn right on to Avenue Van Kerm, where you can park.
  • You MUST park on the LEFT side (going up the hill) and BEFORE you reach the M├ętairie entrance on the right (see '7' on the campus map).
  • The main sliding gate should be open, but if it is not you will need to phone the Guard on 0475 817037 to open it remotely.
  • Once past the sliding gate you can enter via the Entry turnstile.
Directions by car
Public Transport

STIB Metro 5 (Erasmus <> Herrmann Debroux) Stop 'Hermann Debroux'
about 15mins walk to the campus

STIB Tram 94 (Louise <> Musee du Tram) Stops 'Wiener' or 'Delleur'
about 7mins walk

STIB Bus 95 (Grand Place <> Wiener) Stop 'Wiener'
about 7mins walks

STIB Bus 17 (Beaulieu <> Hellingenborre) Stop 'International School'

TEC Bus 36 (Flagey <> Rixensart) Stop 'Watermael-Boitfort Etangs'
about 3mins walk

Note: orientation is NORTH - SOUTH

Training News

Training: New ISB parking instructions
5-Jul-17 by Mike Davies (Chairman)
Because of the new gym construction access to the car parking is impossible and you will need to park off the campus on Avenue Van Kerm until further notice.
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Other News/Articles

21/10: Vets1 3-1 La Lorraine
22-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets 1 march on with fifth straight victory
[ full story ] (24 Hits)

14/10: MTM 1-5 RBBFC1
20-Oct-17 by 1st Team Correspondent
MTM open the scoring but once we equalise they wilt like flowers in the October sun.
[ full story ] (23 Hits)

14-10: Watermael CS 0-1 RBBFC Vets 1
15-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets 1 win fourth on the trot and have league leaders casting nervous glances over their shoulders.
[ full story ] (45 Hits)

07/10: RBBFC2 3-0 Besace RFC
11-Oct-17 by 2nd Team Correspondent
The streak continues with another full controlled match, clean sheet and power upfront
[ full story ] (42 Hits)

07/10: Vets1 4-1 Ecusson FC
8-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets1 send signal to the rest of the division with a convincing win against the early season pace-setters.
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07/10: RBBFC1 0-1 Jefke Country1
8-Oct-17 by 1st Team Correspondent
A grey afternoon in Rosieres sees us win the corner battle but lose the goal war.
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30/09: Laeken Tennis 0-4 RBBFC2
4-Oct-17 by 2nd Team Correspondent
4 goals from Charlie in the last 20 min tip the scale for the whites
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