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How to write a Match Report
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Remember you have a potential 120 million readers !! ;-))

If using a generic Team account, eg. 'Vets1 Correspondent', put the author's name at the top, eg. Reporter: Sven-Goran Eriksson

List the Team line-up - if you can remember it

Don't put 6 paragraphs at the start describing the weather, scenery, the morning after the night before etc. - it's BORING to anyone but your team. Who cares if you 'stayed in' on Friday and ironed your jockstrap ? in other words - STICK TO THE FOOTBALL (exceptions allowed for very funny incidents).

Not everyone can remember the 50s 60s 70s - due to not being born! - so either qualify the ancient reference or think of something else.

DO NOT use first names / nicknames UNLESS previously qualified with their family/last name - nobody knows who 'Ziggy' or 'Big Stew' is except your team mates (exceptions allowed eg. MOLLAMUSTAFAOGLU = "Berkay", MAZURKIEWICZ = " Steve Mazza" etc.)

NO obscenities unless obfuscated eg. "f&*%ing arbitre" - else it will be DELETED.

ie. little bits of white space between smallish chunks of text.
Huge pages of text with no breaks is difficult for your eye to traverse back from the end of one line, to the beginning of the next. Press 'Enter'/'Return' when the subject changes eg. from goal scoring to goal conceding.

USE A SPELL-CHECKER !!!   beforehand if possible

Any suggestions?  Use the email link at the top of page

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22/05: Annual General Meeting at 19:30
28-Apr-18 by Dave Rowan (Team Sec. / Webmaster)
Our AGM will take place on Tuesday 22nd May 19.30 at Le Baron, Place Dumon, Stockel.
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Club Merchandise on sale now !
1-Apr-17 by Mike Davies (Chairman)
Through Jean Minne's initiative we are back in the merchandise business.
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How to write a Match Report
19-Oct-04 by Dave Rowan (Team Sec. / Webmaster)
Remember you have a potential 120 million readers !! ;-))
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