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Training: New ISB parking instructions
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You must now park off-campus and it is recommended you go just past the main entrance, keep right, then turn right on to Avenue Van Kerm, where you can park.  You MUST park on the LEFT side (going up the hill) and BEFORE you reach the Métairie entrance on the right (see 7 on the attached map).  Get there early as there are limited parking spaces!

Campus map.

The main sliding gate should be open, but if it is not you will need to phone the Guard on 0475 817037to open it remotely.  Once past the sliding gate you can enter via the turnstile that is programmed to open (when you push it) between 20.00 and 20.45!     If you arrive later you will have to call the guard and then wait for him.

You can leave at any time BEFORE 23.00 as the Exit turnstile is also on a timer.

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Training: New ISB parking instructions
5-Jul-17 by Mike Davies (Chairman)
Because of the new gym construction access to the car parking is impossible and you will need to park off the campus on Avenue Van Kerm until further notice.
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