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Vets 2 Season Review 2016/17
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New season, new faces…

Gus Gutierrez blew in from S.America to add a bit of flare to the squad, Roman Vollon defected from British Utd in Mechelen to provide some much needed hair, Martin Henry, fresh off the boat from NZ, provided some Manc accent to add some colour to the dressing room and Benoît Priest & Luc Tholoniat joined the ranks on internal transfers from other RBBFC squads….

The close season saw some mega-managerial appointments; Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, but few noticed the return of  the Wright/McGonigle partnership to the management merry-go-round.

The season started brightly with a six zero drubbing of a team that was to prove a front runner for the title. Timme Døssing kicked-off his season with a hat-trick. Freddie Dehombreux and Mikey Gutierrez turned out in cameo roles to plug gaps caused by extended vacations with each bagging a goal in the process.

We were off to a flyer !

A bitter defeat in the scorching sun away to Ecusson having twice held the lead brought V2 back down to earth with a bump.

The next weekend saw our season take-off… Away to Pharma with limited resources we dominated a very good team and played some of the best stuff V2 stalwarts could rememeber. Gus hit a couple of screamers, Johann Eriksen played the Harry Kane centre fwd role magnificently, Jean-Luc Laffineur had a great game at RB and Chris Ffinch came on despite his lingering injury and ran himself ragged….a great team effort and oh how good the beer tasted after that one.

This result turned out to be the start of a 10 match unbeaten run, which with the benefit of hindsight was quite an achievement as the league this year was very competitive with no weak teams except for British Utd……

Early October saw another great result away to Karia on the astro in Grimbergen. Karia would be promoted come end of season, so that puts our performance into perspective.

We could have won it in the dying seconds had Timme’s shot been 2cm lower. That said we were well pleased with our draw and the image of Phil Dean leaping like a salmon at the far post to nod in the equalizer will live long in all our memories. Marzio Magistrelli took a deserved MOM in what turned out be his last game (for the time being) before jetting off to start his new life down under.

Wins in both derbies vs the Irish and British Utd kept the bandwagon rolling and a hard fought draw vs a very skillful Higgins side meant the points were accumulating nicely.

Hughie Gallagher and Seán McGonigle were proving to be a very difficult last line to get past, Timme and Gus were scoring regularly, George Boyadjiev still had two good hands, nobody could understand Brian Morris and Riley hadn't forgotten the kit…could it get any better ? Yes it could.

Chris Ffinch scored the perfect hat-trick vs Chenois, left, right, head….a wonderful afternoon and another 3 points.

The following week we committed the ultimate smash and grab away to Faubourg. We were unable to hold onto an early lead and defended like dogs for much of the game. Then in the dying minutes Roman bagged the winner appearing at the far post to slot in majestically and send Faubourg home scratching their heads wondering how the hell did that happen ?

It was games like this that defined our season. We remained disciplined, fought hard til the end and were able to count on folks to help out when need… this time it was Jimmy Donnelly who ran himself into the ground in mid-field for the cause.

The game away to Evere showed our squad depth at it’s very best. The ref decided that Luc T’s ID card was an issue…and maybe he had a point – it had expired 3 years previous.

Cue Mazza ! How many amateur teams can boast a reserve GK on the bench ? We could have / should have won this one but we settled for a point and enjoyed Mazza’s MOM beers to the max in the winter darkness of Evere.

A narrow victory over le Tigre the following week saw our ten match unbeaten run reach it’s peak – and I believe it was at this time that V2 reached the dizzy heights of table toppers of division 6E ! - log that one in the stats please Dave !

The next set of fixtures would prove vital in our title chase – we were unable to maintain our discipline and form vs Watermael and the run came to and end.

This game also saw a nasty injury to Benoît that would haunt him to this day…

A bizarre game against Tubifoot saw us drop more points – a more blatant red card you will never see, unless of course it’s an ABSSA ref in the middle… how could he not send the guy off for handballing on the line ?

Even more bizarre was Seán’s effort to decapitate Ady Talib with a penalty that was struck so hard against the post it nearly took Ady out for good. Beers were quaffed under the stands of Tubize AFC in minus 5 degrees centigrade…but we didn’t care we had the flames from a jet engine to keep us warm….

The game before Xmas against Pharma was the game of the season for me. Availability was low and we started with the bare 11. Mazza and Phil D ran and tackled and hassled like men possessed, the rest of the team followed their example and we held on for the most satisfying point in a nil nil draw against very decent opposition.

A 5 nil thumping of British Utd after the big freeze got the campaign going in the right direction again, with the strike force of Timme, Chris F and Gus all clearly having got new shooting boots for Xmas.

The double over Higgins was secured and promotion was a real possibility.

And promotion may well have been a possibility had Seán not buggered off for the game against the Irish and left yours truly in charge….Employing a formation that nobody was comfortable with, I managed to ensure we left Noessegem with Irish egg on our face and nil point….Lesson Learned !

And so the following week we went back to our tried and tested 4-4-2 and we hammered Elan Evere 7-1. This was a remarkable game as it was the second time in one season Chris Ffinch scored the perfect hat-trick. Bravo Sir ! Døssing banged a goal as usual, Ady slid one in with slide-rule precision and Johann bagged one with a bullet of a header….

It was in this game that Gorgeous broke his wrist in a freak collision… also meant he could work on his delegue skills in the weeks to come…big thanks for that George;

Watermael proved to our bogey team and left Rosières with all three points…we’ll be glad to see they back of them as they move up a division…

A run of three wins in March saw us consolidate our position in the top 6.  A scrappy win away to Le Tigre on a shocking surface got us going. Then we totally outplayed and ran out comfortable and worthy winners vs Faubourg and then Timme stepped up vs String Penelope and put on the most remarkable performance, netting three times to ensure we snatched all 3 points in a hard fought encounter.

The final match of the season is best forgotten……so we won’t discuss it here. 

So that was it – we ended up 6th and generally pretty happy with our achievements.

We blended old faces with new.

We always had 11 and a designated GK….thanks to all who helped out, even if you only played a game or two…this is much appreciated with special mentions going to Kenny Francey, Arthur Jean-Guillaume, and Jimmy Donnelly.

Laurent Alsteens took off for Poland – but I’m sure we’ll see him back at some stage.

Only 2 tablet errors as Wright selected Messrs Knott jnr and Mazza jnr….neither error made a difference fortunately.

Timme took the golden boot for V2 – but Chris F and Gus chased him hard with both hitting double figures.

Neil Wright took save of the season.

Seán took 4 MOMs and was voted Player of the Year by a landslide…he will be missed.

Hughie racked up his 586th appearance and is now the clubs most capped player.

I enjoyed it – I hope you did too…..

To be continued !.

Reporter: Neil Wright (Captain)

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Vets 2 Match Reports

Vets 2 Season Review 2016/17
23-May-17 by Vets 2 Correspondent
New season, new faces…the close season saw some mega-managerial appointments; Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte, but few noticed the return of the Wright/McGonigle partnership to the management merry-go-round.
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