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08/04 Press Amicale 2-0 RBBFC3
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If this football match was a movie it's title would be 'A pain in Asse', and it would be shared on Whatsapp by Gerry - you wish you hadn't seen it, there were some ugly moves in the middle and we were shocked by the end result. The only thing it missed was us coming from behind, unfortunately.

The ABSSA Division 4s Champions strolled over at the ref's whistle to be sportingly congratulated by the opposition for our title. That was probably where the cockiness started and why we subconsciously didn't give it our usual efforts. These guys were impressed already, so why did we need to show them we are the best team in this league right? Or maybe we were cursed by Smurf VC having to remove the lucky shorts he'd worn all season. Apparently this week's ref was aware of a rule that none of the previous 24 refs knew - that you can't have orange stripes on your black shorts. Our rock solid centre half was visibly shaken by the unusual feeling around his sensitive areas (no, not a shower joke).

The strong 15-man squad started in familiar 3-5-2 formation (despite unfamiliar shorts): Captain JB in goal; Smurf VC, Sjoerd and your match report writer (Tim) at the back; Simon and Will tough tackling behind number 10 Karim in the middle; T-bag (he doesn't run) and Gerry (he doesn't shout in case he gets marked) on the wings; Salva and Sioux were upfront; Kev, Nel (benched by the traffic), Ben E (kitchen now finished) and Shielsy (Hallelujah!) were on the bench waiting to get a piece of the action.

We started slowly, and didn't get much faster. The usually crisp passing of the thirds was a bit off the pace, as we forgot each other's names (at least I assume that's why we didn't ask for any passes or put names on the ones we tried to play). We had more of the possession in the first half but didn't manage to break through or get behind a well-organised defence. However much we played the ball into Sioux and Salva, we didn't get the usual results as they found themselves efficiently double-marked and unable to get off a shot or find our overlapping wingers.

Press Amicale didn't really press forward much, but when they did we gave them too much room in front of our defence to slowly build play. Most of the time we kept them at distance, limiting their chances to get near our box or take any shots, but after some failed passing out from the back they managed to break to be 2 on 2, about 40 metres out. I got caught too square and was left embarrassingly bypassed by a slow centre forward, and despite Smurf standing his ground, the extra man meant the striker could slip a pass to the left and leave his teammate with a 1 on 1 chance against JB.

It should have been a wake up call for the team but it wasn't. We forgot all the good lessons of the season and shouted at each other instead of talking to each other. To be fair we had to channel the frustration at each other as the ref made it very clear that he was not going to let anyone say anything about his decisions. I'll resist the temptation to say a few words about them here.

0-1 at half time and we all agreed we were playing like crap and had to try harder. But then we didn't. We continued to edge the possession without creating clear chances. A few headers crept just over the bar. The opposition kept countering but didn't get too close to our goal, and then there was a soft penalty given away just inside our box by Will. 0-2 and the heads dropped. We made a succession of changes - Nel coming into the middle to try and energise us, with Simon dropping into Sjoerd's spot in the back three, then Ben E came on for T-bag, as we pushed hard with a switch to 3-4-3. Karim found a lot of space on the touchline as he moved wide right, and we stretched wide on the left too. I managed to get forward from left back and from just inside the box hit a nice curling shot after Will's pass into my feet. It didn't quite curl enough though and came back frustratingly off the inside of the post and fell to a defender rather than a striker to clear the danger.

Kev came on to replace Simon a few minutes before the end as the game gradually wound down, and the final whistle sounded for 0-2. The opposition sportingly gave us a guard of honour and clapped us off the pitch into the changing rooms to congratulate us again on our championship win. And so my 12th season with RBBFC ended with my 12th MOM for the club (one of my closest rivals in Saturday's vote spent more time in the showers than he did on the pitch though, so not really one to treasure). It was a crap game but it's been a great season with a fantastic team on and off the pitch (yes that means in the showers too ;-) ). Good luck to the mighty thirds for the last game of the season. Don't be complacent bus-riding winkers and make sure you earn three points and free pizza in the last game of the season at Fortress Rosières. OH WHEN THE THIRDS............


On a side note, Melina continues to strengthen her claim to supporter of the season with another away day visit featuring photos and videos!

 MOM: Tim McPhie
Goals: None
Assists: None
Crowd: Melina 

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3rd Team Match Reports

08/04 Press Amicale 2-0 RBBFC3
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