Season 2011/12
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It's all about the Glory: 1sts are Champions !
20-May-12 by 1st Team Correspondent
I was sitting at home going through my wardrobe wondering what I was going to wear that evening when my mobile started to ring. Blow me I thought as I was just about to select my tie!...
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John Ellison - RBBFC Legend - R.I.P.
28-Apr-12 by Mike Davies (Facilities Officer)
John Ellison - RBBFC Legend - R.I.P.
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21/04: Campomaiorense 1-1 Vets2
23-Apr-12 by Vets 2 Correspondent
Penalty ? what penalty ??
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Annual Dinner Dance - Sat. May 5 @ 19:30
7-Apr-12 by Steve Lamarra (Social)
The venue for the dinner is now confirmed, we will be going back to the popular 'De Ouwe Schuur' in Overijse.
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17/03: Ecusson 4-2 Vets2
25-Mar-12 by Vets 2 Correspondent
Tough game against a very skillful team.
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17/03: Coin du Balai 0-5 1sts
22-Mar-12 by Steve Lamarra (Social)
Holy Trinity Hit Form to Continue Winning Run (match video included)
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10/03: 1sts 5-3 Tourinnois FC
22-Mar-12 by Steve Lamarra (Social)
Our Destiny is in Our Hands
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