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13/01: Green Devils 0-3 RBBFC2
17-Jan-18 by 2nd Team Correspondent
RBBFC doesn't allow a 10 men opposition believe on their first victory of the season and seals the game on the second half
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13/01: Cosmos Molenbeek 2-2 Vets 1
14-Jan-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Scored two good goals. Conceded two bad ones.
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09/12: RBBFC1 3-0 Brussels LTC1
29-Dec-17 by 1st Team Correspondent
A game of 2 halves
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09/12: Vets1 2-1 LTC
17-Dec-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
LTC left trailing by the Knight-rider
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09/12 : RBBFC3 2-1 Brussel Galactics
16-Dec-17 by 3rd Team Correspondent
Tom scores four against Galactics, in two games!
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