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15/09: LTC 1-2 RBBFC5
19-Sep-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Two wins on the trot for rampant Vets1!
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15/09: Jettoise (Amicale) 2-1 Vets2
18-Sep-18 by Vets 2 Correspondent
Missed opportunities
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15/09: Euro Union 0-0 RBBFC1
16-Sep-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
More poetry in the report than on the field
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08/09: RBBFC5 2-1 EBL
16-Sep-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets 1 get off to a winning start!
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08/09: Vets2 3-3 ITT-Gecko
15-Sep-18 by Vets 2 Correspondent
"...invincibility (of an army) lies in defense while the possibility of victory lies in the attack..."
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08/09: RBBFC1 1-0 LTC1
14-Sep-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
Keep the crowd in suspense and the opposition no time to reply
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1s Season 2017/18 Review
16-Aug-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
(Your summer reading)
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Vets2 Season 2017/18 Review
5-Aug-18 by Vets 2 Correspondent
A solid defensive record, down to a great level of concentration throughout the team.
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How to write a Match Report
19-Oct-04 by Dave Rowan (Team Sec. / Webmaster)
Remember you have a potential 120 million readers !! ;-))
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