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21/04: Tourinnois1 1-3 RBBFC1
28-Apr-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
And so it came down to the last match of the season...
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07/04: RBBFC1 4-1 Tourinnois1
9-Apr-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
Sun shone on RBBFC and its fans again.
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24/03: Vets1 2-0 British Utd
8-Apr-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets1 win derby to end season in style
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24/03 : Vets2 2-0 Higgins
2-Apr-18 by Vets 2 Correspondent
Another heroic victory for the V2 archives...
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24/03: RBBFC1 4-0 BUFC1
26-Mar-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
British Cup stays in Rosieres and one step closer to the crown
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17/03: Nivelles 3-3 Vets1
24-Mar-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets1 lose lead in 10th minute of added time!
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17/03: Entente RACB1 0-4 RBBFC1
23-Mar-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
Once they went 1-down they brought on an 11th man and that was it (and oh it was damn cold !)
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17/03: Azur 0-3 RBBFC3
19-Mar-18 by 3rd Team Correspondent
(S)no(w) chance for Azur!
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10/03: RBBFC1 5-1 Amb Auderghem 1
18-Mar-18 by 1st Team Correspondent
Ambience did not look like a team fighting for survival, more one wanting its tummy tickled.
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10/03: Vets1 1-0 Chiefs WSL
14-Mar-18 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Nine-man Vets1 show character to make amends for disaster last November
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