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21/10: Vets1 3-1 La Lorraine
22-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets 1 march on with fifth straight victory
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14/10: MTM 1-5 RBBFC1
20-Oct-17 by 1st Team Correspondent
MTM open the scoring but once we equalise they wilt like flowers in the October sun.
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14-10: Watermael CS 0-1 RBBFC Vets 1
15-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets 1 win fourth on the trot and have league leaders casting nervous glances over their shoulders.
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07/10: RBBFC2 3-0 Besace RFC
11-Oct-17 by 2nd Team Correspondent
The streak continues with another full controlled match, clean sheet and power upfront
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07/10: Vets1 4-1 Ecusson FC
8-Oct-17 by Vets 1 Correspondent
Vets1 send signal to the rest of the division with a convincing win against the early season pace-setters.
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07/10: RBBFC1 0-1 Jefke Country1
8-Oct-17 by 1st Team Correspondent
A grey afternoon in Rosieres sees us win the corner battle but lose the goal war.
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30/09: Laeken Tennis 0-4 RBBFC2
4-Oct-17 by 2nd Team Correspondent
4 goals from Charlie in the last 20 min tip the scale for the whites
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